Spring Project Update!

Okay…here’s a short list of what is going on this Spring/Summer 2011!

  1. The Ghost – My 1955 TDH4512 ex-city transit bus. Rebuilding the interior & bringing the running gear up to current standards.
  2. The Generator – The MEP006A generator & trailer are being finished so that I can use them at events
  3. Zesty! – 1974 VW Riviera (Camper Bus) Need to fix some leaks, give it a good wash, and make some minor interior improvements.
  4. Garden – My mate and I are working on a medium size gardening operation. Drip loop watering.
  5. Motorcycle – Just need to do some maintenance items on this and it is good to go for another year. Oil change/front tire/wiring tidy up.
  6. Black – 1982 Mercedes 300SD – Straighten out the rear corner (damaged when a wheel fell off at speed) and seal up the leaks. Already bought new tires & brakes are 80%
  7. Wagina – 1987 Mercedes 300TDT – The girlfriend’s car – minor projects (Transmission Service/Power Antenna/Power Window Switches/ACC Cleanup)
  8. New Job – Clear enough!
  9. Hitting the Alvor Desert (SE Oregon) with Zesty for a extended weekend with the mate.
  10. SOAK/4th of Juplaya/Burning Man 2011/Burnout 2011 – Hopefully be using The Ghost for these events
  11. Last but not least: Getting married June 24th, 2011.

Whoosh! That’s a big list.