Community Power Pods

I recently stumbled across and have grown interest in supporting a very interesting project inline with my interests!

Introducing our prototype Community Power Pod, a Do-It-Yourself 1500 watt, 3000Wh portable generator utilizing secondhand battery modules from the Chevy Bolt EV. The pod is solar rechargeable and has quiet, fume-free operation, allowing it to be used almost anywhere! I’ve been helping a team of makers in Portland develop this open source community aid and disaster relief project, aimed at increasing access to this renewable technology for under served populations and those affected by natural disasters or other crises. We are working to build a fleet of these which can be deployed to support community members in need, and with the recent pandemic and wildfires that need is greater than ever. Our generator has been used for weeks now to support COVID-safe outdoor public events, fire relief efforts, and community aid projects.The power pod cost us around $600 to construct– a fraction of the price of commercial alternatives. The team hopes to build more of these ASAP, as well as share our knowledge and resources with groups in other cities so they can replicate and build upon our work elsewhere. However, at the moment we are working to find a new source for our Chevy Bolt battery modules, since the original supplier has sold out. More updates forthcoming once we can figure this out!

-CommunityPowerPods Team